Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Lumberton's Christmas Parade!

This past Saturday we had our annual Christmas Parade and my nephew was allowed to be in it since he won Prince. Everything was pretty nice but well... I didn't expect to be walking so I decided to wear my favorite heels... Which was a pretty much a bad idea on my part. So though it was a bit over 29 degrees when we got there I spent part of the day barefooted. My sister figured I would be sick and I thought. But all in all everything was really great. The high school and middle school bands did really good and I enjoyed seeing the crowned Queens and Princess for different events.

I took the photo at the last minute so I'm not really sure what school this is, but there were a couple that I'll name as they come up.
She turned her head the very moment I took the photo... very frustrating teehee.
My nephew and his mom was in this truck up top. But he was turned the other way and wasn't really waving to his many fans. I'm just glad he was able to keep his crown on for so long.
Well I do hope y'all enjoyed the pictures! There were literally over one hundred entrants for the parade this year and I took a lot of pictures. With all of the floats and cars that were in the parade I really just wanted to point out those that stuck out to me. Thanks so much for reading and enjoying all of the photo's.

I really enjoyed myself on Saturday morning! I even saw an old high school crush... Doubt he'll have anything to do with me now though teehee.