Sunday, November 16, 2014

MileStone: 10,000 views!!

I've actually reached a goal quicker than expected!!! How about that, right? It hasn't been a year yet and my blog reached 10,000 views!! This makes me SUPER HAPPY!! Thanks to all of y'all as readers keeping up with me and my crazy weird life y'all made this dream come true not me, but y'all!! I was think of giving my readers something in return for being such great everything!! Y'all have stuck it out with me for this long and I don't know what I should do for y'all in return. I'm thinking of making some downloadable print outs. But I'm not sure how to go about that just yet. I might just get together with other bloggers for my blogs 1st year Anniversary and do something with them to share with each of y'all. Man decisions decisions.... I'll think of something soon.
This is really great guys! I'm just super happy, now if I could practice a bit more on my Japanese I can practice here and be able to share a little more of everything to my friends! Thanks again y'all for being and hanging out with me even if it's through the internet. Y'all listen to me vent and rave, but you never judge me. I've gone through two break-ups this year but I never let that change who I am. I will always be devoted to being Jocelin the nerdy wonna-be Fashion blogger who enjoys everything the world has to offer.

Wow just wow I'm so happy I can't stop smiling and giggling hysterically at myself right now... Which is kind of scaring me now, my laugh sounds creepy even to my ears teehee. I'm guessing things would become even more intriguing and interesting as it comes closer to a year of me being a blogger. This blog of mines has really become successful. I look forward to more interesting events to happen to and for me. I look forward to meeting even more interesting bloggers to become friends with. And I'm looking forward to adding a bit more to this blog of mines.

Vlogging for y'all is another thing that will happen more often, but blogging will always be an amazing outlet for me. I hope to reach the same milestone in vlogging as I have with blogging. So please loves continue to follow and read about me. I love y'all dearly and I wish I could hug y'all and keep you to myself. Thanks again for giving me this opportunity!