Thursday, November 13, 2014

My Moda VoxBox Unveiling!

Drum-roll Puuhhhlease!!!! Hey loves well look at this!! I have finally been given the chance to un-box my very own VoxBox from Influenster! This is the first (hopefully of many) that will be reviewed by me for you! So, I believe the first thing that should be done is to show you what all I've got, right?
*Squeals, and begins to rip tape off*

Well to start things off I'll explain everything that's in the box, with the picture after the description so I won't bombard y'all with a bunch of (possible useless information.) I want to keep things simple and to share as much in photos than just in my words. Thanks again for stopping by!!

So first things first in my review!

Rimmel London Scandaleyes Rockin' Curves Mascara: $5.49 - $5.99

With the Rimmel London Scandaleyes Rockin' Curves Mascara, broken heart-shaped brush made all the difference that I've ever seen before. I've never used Rimmel London products before but I really recommend anyone looking for length and fullness to buy this mascara! I fell inlove with it and I'm thinking about buying my own when I run out. Here's a photo of my eyes with and without the mascara.

Looks super cute right? I mean really made my lashes longer and voluptuous!! I wasn't exactly surprised but it was pretty amazing to see the difference in just one stroke let alone two. And that's all you really need!

Rimmel London Moisture Renew Lip Liner: $5.99 - $6.49

This was a pretty interesting lip liner since it's clear, which I think can really come in handy when one really needs it. I'm not use to using lip liner at all let alone to use one that's particularly invisible. I like it though, it glides on smooth and keeps my lipstick (when I do wear it) in place. It kind of seemed a bit silly to me because well... I never wear make-up like that. All in all I really do recommend this lip liner for those looking to keep their lip stick in place!

Rimmel London Moisture Renew Lipstick: $6.99 - $7.49

In trying on the Rimmel London Moisture Renew Lipstick I didn't really grow on to the color of it just yet. This shade as you can see is a nude, but it looks like a slightly shade of pick. I'm not really sure when I'll wear this shade again but I'll defiantly have to get use to it first. Do y'all think this is my color? By the way sorry about my slightly dry lips teehee.

Puffs SoftPack: 1 Pack for $1.99-$2.49 / 3 Pack for $4.99-$5.99

Tissue who can live without it right? I thought this was really stylish and to cute to hide so I put it on the only shelf in my room that will be easy to reach. I figure using the soft material prevents worry of using paper like the card board other brands use. It's a really clever idea and I very well stand by it since I like the design and feel of the package.

Swiss Miss Simple Cocoa: $2.29
I tried a lot of hot cocoa during the winter chilly nights of cuddling with a really good book. But nothing had prepared me for this particular cocoa. You add hot milk with the mixture and enjoy it. I'm going to find out where this cocoa is sold so I can stock up on it. It's super creamy and has a lovely aroma. I'm mad I've ever lived without it until now! This is a must have for the upcoming chilly nights.

Hair Food Moisture Hair Mask: $14.99

Well I haven't exactly tried this out as of yet because right now I can't... well really use it. I started my dreads almost two month's ago and they haven't locked just yet. So I gave it to my best friend Angie who will tell me how well it works in the near future. I'm sorry I couldn't properly review this item, and since this is something new on the shelves I'm pretty sure it works very well.

Resource Spring Water: $1.49
It would be an understatement to say that I love water. As long as it's good and cool I'll enjoy it. I was really excited when I got this! I mean how often do one receive water from the mail? When I was able to open it I loved how refreshing it was. I even shared it with my friend and she too loved it just about as much as I do.

Jergens Ultra Healing Moisturizer $5.99/ $6.99

Once again I found something that I used for the very first time! Jergens products were always my favorite, so in seeing this I had to enjoy it like I received this bottle for my birthday. It makes my skin feel like heaven and I love putting some on my feet. It's really nice when you have just gotten out of the shower.

I really enjoyed doing the un-boxing of the VoxBox and I hope y'all had fun right along with me. Sorry about not posting as much as I had a lot to work with on this box in and of itself. I need to work better at getting things such as this done sooner than later. Thanks again for reading and be sure to keep up with me! I really hope to do a lot more of these in the near future!

FTC: c/o Influenster