Wednesday, November 5, 2014

My nephew was crowned Prince for Zeta Amicae's!

Isn't he just handsome!!! I'm so proud of him this is the first year he's actually won Prince for the Micae's. It was really great to be out, but it was a pretty cold and rainy night when they held the program. James won 3rd place but he was the only boy to go so he won the title Prince as well. I even recorded the event so I hope y'all will enjoy the photo's and the video!(Which will come out soon!!)

With the weather the way it was there was a pretty small gathering on that day. But even so, everyone had a good time talking and enjoying finger foods. In my eyes it was a great success, my grandma was really happy for my nephew since she was the one that signed him up for it. Last year he didn't win, but that didn't stop him this year teehee!!

I'm glad everyone had a great time, it did well to have this much pictures to document the day my nephew became Prince. He's little crown and trophy is what he enjoys the most, though we had to keep them both out of his reach. He'll be in this years Christmas Parade as well! I can't wait to take lots of pictures for that day as well.

Thanks for reading loves!! Hey if you have kids or younger siblings/nieces and nephews do you remember any awards they've won that you was more proud of than them? Tell me about it!