Sunday, November 2, 2014

Old Factory Candle: Product Review + Giveaway!!

I was finally able to receive my candles two days ago and I'm pretty excited to be writing about them! or one they are a lot smaller than I had figured they would be but they smell GREAT! I have a set of three candles from the Fresh and Clean batch. There are a number of scents for you to choose from, and I'll share each of them with you!!

These candles are handmade in the US, and each is natural soy wax with a self-trimming cotton candle wicks. Burns clean for 20 hours and looks really great for any occassion and anywhere in your home. I choose the Fresh and Clean set because I never smelled the scent of Lemon Grass and I wanted to know what it was like. I feel in love with it, it's not to strong and it smells great when I'm right near it. The Olive Blossom one was pretty lovely as well, I couldn't really smell it at first but I love it. As for the Fresh Linen I'll keep that one in the bathroom out of my nephews reach. It is a very fresh smell that should be near the laundry when you're on a cleaning spree.

By the way I'll be giving away a pack of these to one lucky reader! You have to have an account, a Paypal account and live in the U.S as well!Giveaway will start on tomorrow so much sure you come back!!

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Old Factory Candles!
I really enjoy my new candles and they smell great, if you want a pack of them for yourself click on and of the links at the top and you'll be on the right page for each. Enjoy and if you do buy one, let me know and tell me about it!

FTC: Brandbacker partnered with Old Factory Candles. I have received this product to do an honest review. Everything I've written is my honest opinion of the products.

I do hope y'all enjoyed the review, thanks for reading today, and tell me all about your Halloween!!