Monday, December 1, 2014

How was your Thanksgiving!!!

I do hope everyone out there had a pretty decent Thanksgiving! We ate and was merry no troubles came up... None that I know of anyway. Family should come together at a time like Thanksgiving, and Christmas. Everything happens for a reason, and at the same time life still goes on.

That's both my grandma and grandpa on my dad side and my aunt on my mom side. My oldest sister and younger sister with my nephew. This is some of the photos I've taken.

Meeting up with family afterwards was pretty cool. Both of my grandma's are doing well as well my grandpa's.

I was able to see my oldest sister Nicole yesterday which I thought was pure luck because we barely see one another on any other day. Not many of our family members on mom and dad side came home.

Lately I've been lazing around the house. I want to start back in school soon but that might have to wait for a few more weeks. In a week or two things will be a bit difficult and I won't be able to blog for a whole week. It will be lonely not being able to write down how y'all make me feel, reading all of my reviews and knowing about what I've been up to.

I wonder how everyone else Thanksgiving been? Did you fatten yourself up to the brim? I myself can't wait for Christmas to come! It's in a few weeks which is really great in my opinion. I haven't written a post like this in awhile... Feels great to get my feels out there. I also like it when I have so many supporting readers and bloggers out there. Thanks for being there for me for this long!

Thanks for reading! Enjoy the rest of y'alls week!