Thursday, December 18, 2014

Singles Christmas Party!

Hey loves this was the Christmas Party that was on Sunday night at my church. I went with my mom and sister. It felt good to be out of the house for awhile. My nephew was with his god-parents this past weekend so it was pretty quite, and I slept through most of the day on Saturday.
Anyway back to the party at church, we did have a ice breaker. We had to hum a certain song to other people to see if they too have the same song as you. It was pretty different and cool but after awhile people started just telling what song they had because it was taking some time to find their partner. I found one of mine but it seemed that the other four found each other but couldn't find us.

After the "Hum your song" ice breaker, we had a small Talent show. Guest at the church ans members were able to participate. You share your talent and/or testimony.  I signed up for it, to read a poem that I wrote on the spot. I'll put it at the bottom. I also made a video of that day as well so I put it on Youtube for y'all to watch.

I took the picture of one of the sweaters that lights up, so the photos a bit blurry when I got the shot.

I had a really great time. We even had a photo booth like the ones that take at least four photos of you doing silly posses, with friends and family. The finger foods were great and everyone really enjoyed the Ugly Sweater contest. Everything and everyone was really fun. I can't wait for next year to come.