Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Vintage the New Modern!

There a lot of things us as women love that's began to go out of style at least once or twice in our lives. In finding that one thing that you know will come back in style is always something to be really proud of, right? I mean, come on the bell-bottom jeans, Nike's will NEVER go out of style... well not that I know of, anytime soon.

Now with this really amazing store not only will you find vintage furniture and jewelry. The Community Manager of the store Chairish wrote me recently about doing a challenge by showing my readers my storyboard of their items within the store. I thought the name in itself was clever and very cute. To be honest I hope they open one in my small home town. The online store looks so cozy and very charming.  I hope y'all will enjoy this post Today!!

A lot of their vintage jewelry that I found is pretty expensive, but I think they're worth the cash to spend for this Christmas. So I hope y'all enjoy my silver and gold display of their jewelry!

Silver and Gold

For the Sivler area for jewelry I choose three beautiful pieces!

This first piece is called Weiss Clear Rhinestone Drop Earrings that is priced at $100 with free shipping within the US. These earrings are a bit much for me, they'll go really nice with a gown for a large engagement or party. I do like them but I don't think these are my style.

I would like to see how well this Vintage Costume Jewelry Necklace, paired with the earrings together. I think they would go well together, if paired with the right outfit. The blue and purple stones could really be brought out by a nice ball gown long or short. Oh the price for this necklace is $190.

I really liked the style and simplicity of this bracelet. The name of this bracelet is Runway Gas Pipe Industrial Statement Cuff. I've always wanted to try this bracelet for myself someday. It's really big and I'm not even sure if it'll look right on my skinny arms.

Next are a few gold piece's I think is great for the Holidays just as well as the silver jewelry.

This was a very unique necklace in their store named Freirich Coin Necklace. I thought this was pretty creative in it's own style. I would rock this necklace, it's really beautiful and looks as though it can be worn on the daily, which I doubt any one should actually do. This necklace is priced at $95; vitage things can be pricy right?

I love studded earrings, and with the price of $399 this Authentic Vintage Chanel CC Sparkling Camellia Clip-on earrings. I'm not a fan of clip-on but this is a vintage store and my grandma has a basket full of clip-on in her possession. These are really cute and can pretty much be worn for any occasion.
This brooch is something I found to be a classic and really different from any other type of brooch I've seen so far. It's called a Coro Sward and Sheath 2 piece Brooch 1960's. This was really different and something that I could try to wear when in cosplay or role playing with friends. It has a fun style and just really cool to wear for a statement.You can buy this brooch for $110.

You can buy the Italian Gold Electroplated Multi-bangle bracelet for $227. I like this bracelet a lot. It's cute and stylish in it's own way. I don't really like gold jewelry as much as I love silver but I could make a exception. I can really see this bracelet worn with just about any type of clothing if you can style it correctly.

I do hope y'all like today's post and please visit this store when you have the time. They have a lot that anyone can look for. I love the furniture they have. Enjoy the rest of your day loves!! Sorry about not posting at all last week.