Friday, December 12, 2014

Winter Style Challenge

Hey my loves!! Today's post of Bonbos clothing is mostly for the gents that follow and read my blog! Here's a sight that you can show your lover and/or spouse when you want him/her to buy you something that is just your style. Me and other bloggers were given the chance to participate in their Winter Style Challenge to put together suits that would go great together. This will be a first for me, because I don't really have any clue as to dressing a grown man let alone picking something out that will be something that he would wear. If you bear with me I can put something together that won't look as crazy as I would think it will.

To start the day off we have this lovely The Foundation Cotton Suit. I will only talk about suits that are already paired to the T. Because like I said before... I suck at putting things together unless it's for myself or a kid. But I will say that at $450, this is a nice and cool looking suit for any man that can wear at a church fucntion or party. I really like how the grey suit and mostly how the grey can bring out bright colors of an undershirt.

I thought this was a really like this suit. It's different and you can't really see it but the colors within the suit really makes the suit unique. The Capstone Tuxedo Limited Edition, suit is really a suit to behold. I think I would buy someone special to me a suit like this one. A suit like this one is priced at $960. I know a bit on the pricy side, but I really believe it's worth every penny!

This suit blazer is really ideal for the winter. The Nottingham Blazer in medium grey is actually on sale now for $298, and you can wear it safely with just about anything if paired correctly. If you love this blazer about as much as I do, you need to get it while it's on sale now!!

I do hope y'all enjoyed today's post sorry about it being so late. I enjoyed putting it together, so enjoy the rest of y'alls Holiday! Soon we'll all be wishing each other Merry Christmas!!!!!!