Sunday, January 4, 2015

It's a New Year... So what now?

I think doing something different and new like a "New Years Resolution," can become problematic if you already know it'll fail in the middle of the year anyway. So... what can or will you do this year? What exactly are you really going to do that is new for this year?

Those are the questions running rampant through my brain right about now. To be completely honest I'm still trying to figure all of the questions myself. I myself don't have all the answers and I think if I did it would be a pretty boring life. I still have no idea what the post for the first of the year would be. But I guess for now I can ramble a little, I have that right... right?

I do know that there are a lot of other bloggers doing something new this year to draw more traffic to their blogs. I'm sitting here reading them all like "Why didn't I think of that FIRST!" I know it quite ridiculous but I guess I could think of something that will be enjoyable for both me and y'all. If y'all have any type of ideas that would work to automatically make you want to share my blog to others it would really be helpful to put some suggestions down in the comments.

Sorry for this post, it's a bit confusing I guess but hey!! This is the first post of the year for Beauty Within the Geek, so if you're reading this.. I just thank y'all for being here for me. Thank y'all for staying with me all through 2014 and through my breakup. Again thank y'all so much!!!