Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Book Review: Peter Pan Must Die!

Would it be totally weird to return blogging with a book review? I think not, it's spontaneous and so something that I would and most likely will do anyway! *Grins*

Hope y'all ain't missed me too much. It's been a long couple of weeks and I've really missed coming here to rant and share what I've been doing through the weeks. And well the weather down here has really been going crazy.

Today's review is on a really great book called: Peter Pan Must Die!

This is book number 4 of the detective series of a man name Dave Gurney. I so want to get the other three just to re-read this book. In the beginning you will get a taste of the killer and how he became the sadist crazy man he is.

Dave and his wife took to living in the woods and enjoying his retirement from the force. But sooner than later his somewhat quite life is disrupted by a visit from an old colleague. If you think from just reading and understanding that bit of information, there's more to come. I've never read and became so hooked on a book such as this one. I was surprised, I cried, and I even gasped and laughed at some parts within this particular book. With how much the title of this book got me curious and wanting to know more, I can say that everything becomes confusing and you would never think that the ending would go a certain way. It's pretty out there for a girl like me but, I didn't put this book down once until I had to eat or do something that was needed at the time.

I can really just give you all the points and how well this book was written, (which it was really well written by the way!). My mind has been blow not once but twice because I re-read it a few weeks ago to get this review in perfect terms of how I was really feeling about it. Very engaging and far-fetched that one would want to never let it go or this would really make a great movie some day. I want to see what this Peter- Pan character looks like, how does the author really see this person when they described him in the book. My ideas could be, and probably is, completely different from how the author would make them out to be.

In conclusion I highly recommend this book to young adults all the way up to adults with strong stomachs. I mean it's not as gory as you might would think but it's not a book for someone under thirteen of age. Sometimes I believe that things happen for a reason, but to understand that a manic can be two or more steps ahead of you, knows that you leave your home at a particular time is pretty creepy. It's like playing chess and knowing you're going to lose because you haven't honed your predictions like abilities to actually win.

Hope ya'll enjoyed this some what very late book review. Sorry I've been gone for so long my loves. I'll try my best to do better. Lately I've been out of it, but I'm back to my old self now. No worries here *waves*

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