Sunday, March 15, 2015

Evian Facial Spray: Product Review!

Hey!! Another review for ya cuz I love ya'll so darn much!! This was my first time using a facial spray.This review is a bit on the late side, but well I've been using this spray fro the past few months. I really enjoy it, especially when I use it right after I use  my Clean and Clear creme. It keeps my skin from drying out, and I use it if I don't use the creme to keep my skin from getting too oily. So it's basically a win-win situation that will always keep my skin fresh and clean.

I don't have any photos of my face, because I barely took any pictures of myself or anything else for that matter. I need to start back, my mom said she don't have many of me by myself now and days. I really hope ya'll enjoyed my post for today, and please enter the contest to win, I think they are randomly picking 20 winners so have your fingers crossed!!

Ya'll do have a chance to enter a giveaway for your very own 5 oz Facial Spray. Enter to win, it really works and feels sooooooo good. Thanks for reading my loves, come again on tomorrow!!