Tuesday, March 10, 2015

What's been Happening Lately?

Alright alright so I guess in a way I should apologize for being away for so long. I think that I just needed a bit of a break for awhile, but I'm back now. Thanks for at least stopping by even if I was gone for such a long time. For the past few weeks I've been putting in applications for all types of jobs that are open in and around where I live right now. I'm even thinking about taking online jobs that range from financial to fashion. I would really like to have a job in and dealing with fashion if I can. If you're a fashion guru looking for an inexperience blogger or writer even editor I'm your girl, for the online thing. Please contact me through email.

So anyway here's what's been going in the past few months... I believe I've taken photo's of what's been happening lately.

Here it goes!!

Well the first two photos are of my sister, her son and me at church to bring in the new year. It was pretty fun, and having breakfast afterwards was always my favorite. I mean... who doesn't like to eat food someone else has prepared, right?

Yea it was nice, the food even better :) I wonder how everyone else New Year has been so far?

We were all in Golden C. My cousin Rosy, (the pretty lady that's first) wanted to introduce her husband to all of us. Which I really thought was pretty great and we had a lot of fun, her mom even sang there as well. It was really interesting, the fun was on point and well I got to see family members that I haven't seen in sometime come and enjoy themselves as well. I think it was someones Birthday too but I'm not really sure (can't  really remember.) I was just glad everyone enjoyed themselves.

And so we come up to my birthday month!! This was pretty interesting because I was not a very happy-go-lucky as I had wanted to. It was pretty down, I wouldn't say depressed... maybe a little I don't even know for sure myself. But I did not feel like myself on my Birthday. It was pretty weird.

My Birthday was on the 5th of this month, I've turned 24 years old!!! I know right, it's really amazing how much I've been waiting for this moment.... But I really wished I've had a job by now :(. Not to worry though (hopefully... fingers are crossed!) I have been applying everywhere online, and handed in written applications as well. I've still rooting for Rainbow's down here but anywhere is fine now that my sister has her own car and is willing to help me to and from work.

I believe I can honestly say that I have my work cut out for me, but it is looking good since I was really close to having that job last year, but back then there was no car and this year James will be in Day care soon. Once that happens I can possibly up my hours to get a decent amount of cash into my own pockets. Oh yeah we went to Cheddar's for mine and one of my sister's friends Birthday this past weekend. I had the Grilled Tilipia with a mango with shrimp topping, it was really good with mashed potatoes and mac and cheese sides.

I guess that's mainly what's been going on lately... I hope that this will make up for not posting as often as I have wanted too. Do miss ya'll so I'll be back tomorrow with possibly a different review that I've been late on.

Love you guys so much!! Tonight my two favorite shows come on Real World Skeletons and Being Mary Jane! Gotta love it, especially Jason's skeleton, I can only imagine how he will feel about that. My dad was never much in my life like that too, so I probably know how he might would react. Good night my loves enjoy. No worries I'll be back.