Monday, January 4, 2016

Starting the Year off differently!

Hey!!! Yes I know it's been too long and I'm so sorry about me being gone for that long. A lots happened in the past couple of months thatr I'll bring to light pretty soon.

First I want to say Happy New Years to everybody!! I know I've been naughty and leaving y'all out to dry. Again I'm so sorry. This year I will keep up with not only this blog but another one that I've got as well. I'm even going to be in another blog to write for an awesome friend of mine.

I'm looking forward to starting up again. For all of you waiting patiently or me to come back, I thank you for your awesome support. I've got a lot to tell y'all but for now it'll just have to wait until next time. I love you guys so much!! And I've totally missed writing for y'all as well. Be good for me until next time alright?!