Saturday, April 9, 2016

An interview!

Hey my loves! Told you I'd  try to write for you all a bit more every now and again. I really did miss writing twice to three times a week. I'm glad to be back. There are some things that I'll need y'all help with but that can come a bit later.

In Tuesday afternoon I have an interview with Petsense, and I can't wait.  If there are any tips on how to be successful in it please comment. It would be greatly appreciated.

I also made a sale in my store recently! I was so happy maybe I should have sent him something free alone with his order... He was my first customer. Now I feel a bit bad that I'm just now thinking of this as an idea...

Guess I can make up for it. So the first twenty-five customers to order from my store can get a little something for free! It's going to be a secret so hurry there fast before then! It'll be like a way to help me get better at sales.

You can click on the link here Lady Lavender Store or the Storenvy link on the side to get to my store. Thanks again for being there for me in the past few years.

I don't have any recent photos at the moment, so please just be patient with me in that respect.