Thursday, April 14, 2016

Hello err body!

So some of you already know about my Pet Sense interview from yesterday right? Well if not I will tell you about mlhow my day was before I got there.

That morning it was pretty bad, it was raining down here, I was pretty tired and really glad the interview was at 1:00 p.m. After I got over lazing around I got Autumn dressed and I texted the lady that was supposed to pick me up and take me. Now mind you I had already texted her last night letting her know I needed the ride. I wanted my sister to sleep the day in without me hassling her to get to the interview. What I didn't plan on happening was my ride telling me (at the last minute) that she was in a meeting... So I had to wake my sister up to take me. I still feel bad for waking her up..

Anyway, so Autumn of course sorta gave her a hard time whining all the while.

Now I'm hoping to get hired at Pet Sense in a way soon. The interview to me was a good win. For the manager whointerviewed me, I hope I gave the right impression for him to hire me. To be honest when it was time for us to start I was pretty nervous. But after a few I was able to answer him correct manner.

So pray that all is will be a success.

Now I know y'all are probably wondering why I have my store loggo up. Well I'm having a small sale and I do hope y'all  would come check it out. Just click on the picture to get there faster. Keep in mind that if you do order something look forward to a small gift as a thank you from me. This will be like a short event. Go here first and let me know that you'll be showing up and just go to my store and order as little or as much as you want. The first twenty-five customers I receive will not only get a gift but I'll send a promo code for the next sale that I'll have for 15% off.

So I think that's everything. So I'll see you all soon. If you want to order somethong  sooner than Friday thats even better! It'll be like an early bird type deal and I'd appreciate all the help.