Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Sale over!

Hey my loves! I  do hope y'all had a pretty good day today. Everything is good on my end. The sale has ended and well you guys lost out on some really great deals. Maybe next time because the next sale for Prom and Mother's Day will be even better. I can't wait to get rolling!

Well I think that some big things will be coming my way. Well at least I'm hopeful.  I can't wait to call the Manager on Thursday to see whether or not I've got the job. I've been impatient and nervous most of the week.  But I know that all will follow through like it should. But hasn't the weather been amazing these past few days? I hear it might rain soon so that like a huge buzz kill right?

I went over to a friends yesterday and I plan on seeing her again today. My grandma hasn't seen Autumn  yet so I'll be sure to stop by there and surprise her. She's been worried about her weight, she don't have to worry anymore.  Autumn is picking up weight like she is supposed too. Her next weight check it some time next month. She's already weighting over seven pounds I can't wait to see how much shell weigh by then.

Oh I will start back making reviews for you guys as well. I missed doing those, so look forward to that. Oh I'll be promoting my store and my stories here as well. All feedback good and bad is welcome.

Since it is midnight I think it's about time I  get to sleep.  Me and Autumn both have been sneezing like there's no tomorrow. Y'all sleep well tonight and I'll twit, fb, instagram y'all another time good night!