Thursday, April 21, 2016

Something to think about.

Hearing the news of Princes death is like dropping my favorite  Butter Pecan Ice cream in grass.... heart breakingly painful and unforgettable. Yes he's gone and I still can't quite wrap my head around it at all.

On top of it all another celebrity lost her life, a WWE champion whom I didn't really follow or know. And then there's the matter of Harriet Tubman getting her beautiful face branded on the $20 dollar bill and people complaining about how ugly she is or how it would be more convenient to put her on the oh so rare $2 dollar bill. Like seriously?  On top of it all the number one most asked question on Goggle is: "Who is Harriet Tubman?"

Like come on... how can you not know the most iconic woman this world has known. The one person that help free thousands of African's from slavery! It shames me to no end, like seriously, it hurt my heart. It was almost as painful as us losing Prince this year.

Now I wasn't going to go through and post about any of these things. But it just seemed right to bring it all up. I guess with everything that has happened so far life does seem a little more difficult if you think about it. But you got to push through and keep on pushing until you win. I think for now I'm done with the sad. Time for a little pick me up as I pick y'all up!!

Went to my friend Angie's this week with Autumn. She was a little gassy and got a bit cranky but she did pretty good if you ask me. It felt good to get out of the house for a few hours to see one of my friends I haven't seen for awhile.  Getting out felt great and I'm glad we did it. So much needs to be done on my end I can't wait to make more sales at my store. With y'alls help I can get more done for me and Autumn. 

And well I can't forget about this little jem that I made yesterday. It's the Mason Jar Luminaries or Luminous Mason Jar what ever floats your boat. It's in my store right now and you can pre-order and tell me how you want it made.

Well for now I'll be going. I enjoy writing to y'all  so keep coming for more. I'll be posting a review soon as well so look forward to that as well!!