Saturday, May 21, 2016

Happy belated Mother's Day everyone!

Hey y'all! Did y'all enjoy your Mother's Day weekend? It was my very first one and I spent it with all of my family at my mother's mom's place this year. It was great, the food even better and the family was home. Being together with everyone is a blessing and I really enjoyed myself. I think Autumn did too. She smiled and giggled a bit more this time. As she get older she is becoming more aware of her surroundings and I'm really happy.

I think my grandma on really enjoyed her Mother's Day gift this year and I'm glad she was able to spend it with almost all of her children and grands and great grands.

Silly little girl wanted to seat up, she hardly ever likes laying down amymore. She will whine and cry until you either seat her up or pick her up to seat on your knee or lap. She's become quite a smart baby. I can only image the things she'll do and get into onceshe starts day care some day. 

Autumn has also become a bit of a drooler. Most of the time she's making the drool herself by making spit sounds. I know it's funny and weird at the same time. But cleaning her face always gives me the opportunity to make it into a game in order to play with her. And I just love seeing her with a big old toothless grin when I've barley did anything to make any normal person look at me crazy. 

My nephew made this littl gidt.for.his mom, my sister. She wore it the next day to work though she couldn't wear it all day long. He wa s just thrilled that she liked it. I thought the jewelry piece was quite Sophisticated.

As you can tell, all of these pictures range from different days. But I enjoyed telling you the stories behind each of them Autumn is growing so well and pretty quickly. The older she becomes the older I start to feel. She's an amazing baby and I just love seeing her grow. Takes some getting use to but this girl can really warm the hearts of everyone around.

Thanks for reading this morning my loves. I'll write again soon. Autumn has pictures to be taken on today, and I can't wait to see the type faces she'll make then.