Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Memorial Day Weekend!

Memorial Day was a bit uneventful... well if us with a broken fridge count as eventful I guess we did okay for this Memorial Day. Not much happen before or after our fridge broke down. To say it was unexpected is the least of our problems. I was home when it happened while my sis and her son were gone this past weekend. 

I did some cleaning before my sister came back home from her trip, and later out mom came over to be with us. She's been through a lot with her body. Feet swelling, legs breaking out in hives. I'm just praying that everything gets better for her soon. 

Autumn really likes her owl blanket. It is pretty cute and the color is adorable. One of my good friends bought it for her. She's growing up so fast!  Already trying to crawl, but still only just kicking her legs. 

Everything was pretty laid back yesterday though. We didn't cook but we did take advantage of the sale Pizza Hunt has that'll end on the second.  

 Thanks for reading come again soon. I look forward to sharing a part of my family with you.