Friday, July 22, 2016

I am still blogging just not here.

Hey my loves!  I'm sorry,  but life really to a turn this past month and I tried to find a good and reliable blogger app to get things back on track and it just wasn't working. I really hated not being able to blog and get things the way I wanted.

On here in my browser on my phone I can type really good but it takes up too much time to wait to get my pictures on here like I wanted.  So I tried the app. it worked for a bit but then that started giving me problems and I began looking for an alternative.

Low and behold!  Tumblr became my hero,  not only can I use the app,  posting great pictures , from the app.,  was a great bonus. So I'm going to be posting there from now on.  So I'll have a link at the bottom for you to click on and read what was posted last night. Will I be there permanently?  I really don't know but of it continues to satisfy me,  it's a huge possibility that I just might.

So thanks for reading and I'll see y'all over at Tumblr!!!!