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Male crush: Monday

Sorry my loves, I just couldn't pick one, so each is one for each day... Plus a few extras but who's counting right!! Well as you can see these are the lovely fellows from Kuroko's no Basuke, or in English The Basketball Kuroko Play. I am in LOVE with this anime. And it's still on-going. So there's more growing for each of them as individuals and how the play with their team mates. I don't think this is a fan-service anime... I mean the epic way that basketball is portrayed here is quite amazing to me. You have to watch it to see what I'm talking about.

Grade Rating
Anime: A
Characters: B
Plot: A
Songs: B
Drama: A
Laugh Factor: A+

 Tasty: Tuesday's

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Movie: Wednesday
Hey loves I wanted to share this video with you this week and the next week as well. I really loved how each persons voice blended together with others. It was really touching and remarkable that well here you go! I'm really in love with this song now and just the way everyone came together to make this video from different places. I hope y'all will watch and like and even share this video. 

Favorite Anime: Thursday

 Anime of the week is One Piece! Yea I know I'm like crazy behind in watching this. They're playing it on Toonami in English, but I'll have to buy myself a digital adapter or something like that soon. Anyway I finished the very first episode since it's been out on yesterday. I was planning on marathon watching it on the weekends but I'm not sure. I'll figure something out sooner or later. But for now I don't have much to say about it yet. So for the next couple of weeks it, my Favorite Anime will only be One Piece as I go through the motions in watching as many episodes as possible.

{All anime's come on Cartoon Network at 11:30 p.m to I believe 5:00 a.m. every Saturday. Just in case you wanted to know.}

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Blog Featured: Friday
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Read about it: Saturday

A pretty famous book in it's own right. I think I might have read it in high school but I can't exactly remember... So I'm going to start reading it on tomorrow once I wake up. In between calling to get a decent job this will occupy my time while I babysit. I will make a review on it when I'm done. It won't really be required because... well it's my book. But I like reading and doing reviews so look forward to one this week or the next.
April 21, 2015- Page 78: I'm almost Done!!
Favorite Store: Sunday

This store that I recommend for this week will be Your Dream Catcher. It's a small clothing store in the UK and they of course deliver here in the US.I find this store to be unique and pretty interesting to say the least. The best thing is that they are giving each customer that order from their online store a free pair of earrings of their color choose, for this whole week. I would hope I have enough money to buy something from them myself, but it looks like I'll have to wait for another opportunity. You don't have too!! Buy yourself a nice shirt and get a free pair of adorable Dream Cather earrings!!

Grade Rating: Color coded

A: Great Everything *Dances*

B: Pretty good no complaints

C: Not too bad, some crazy moments

D: Eh, could have been better, but not as bad

E: This shouldn't have been made...

F: Why!!! My eye's have died... Now I'm dead...