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I run a product review friendly blog, if it's either fashion or anything that will interest me I will give a honest and detailed review on that particular product if you can take care of the shipping and handling. I'm really interested in doing reviews dealing with fashion and I'll even do reviews with beauty but anything can happen. So far I have readers in countries I didn't think would read my blog, so I can guarantee that will be a bonus to you.

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Collaborations and  Guest blogging with other bloggers are welcome if we have the same interests. I enjoy meeting new people if you like the idea you can contact me. Feel free to do so if you have any type of questions for me, you will get a speedy reply as I check my mail often. Product Reviews that I post will have the company name and (*) = Asterisk after the review. 

Companies I work(ed) for:
The SITSgirls
 Book Crash
Featured ShopStyle blogger
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 Future candidates highly welcome :)

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